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Sebury Technology Co.,Ltd
Add: Room 401,Building4,ZhouGuang Hi-tech innovation Park,Xili,Nanshan,shenzhen,China. P.C. : 518055 

Tel: 0755-86951020



1. East Aisa & Southeast Aisa      
2. Central Aisa & West Asia
    Regional Manager: Serena He   
    Regional Manager: Jackson Liu
    Mailbox :  
    Skype: selenahe888
    Tel:86-13794469065       Tel: 86-13316465348

3. Northern Europe & Southern Europe & Germany  
4. East Europe & Central Europe
   Regional Manager: Jenny Huang
    Regional Manager: Mike Gu
   Skype: jenny.huang8888
   Tel: 86-15602909960     Tel: 86-15004545921

5. Northern America & Mexico & Oceania

   Regional Manager: Jane Peng

   Skype: sebury.jane1

   Tel: 86-15914063662

If you can't find your area from the above list,please try to send inquiry to