Product model: BRB-02
Product name: Linkage extension module of fire & alarm system
Working temperature: - 40 ~ 60 ° C
Communications: TCP/IP
Product size: 53mm × 100mm × 18mm

· Four channels alarm output, user-defined function to one or more doors under the controller. 
· Attachable to fire signal input, auto launch all the doors under the controller if received fire signal, and generate a fire record for query.

· Can control illegal intrusion alarm, alarm for long time unlock of the door,  alarm for forced entrance, alarm for swiping invalid card, action with fire alarm, etc..


· Attachable quantity to alarm equipments:4
· External input plug:1 channel input
· Output delay time: 0~600s
· Operating temperature:-40° C~60° C (-40~140° F)
· Operating humidity:0-95%(non-condensing )
· Distance from smoke detector to extension board:300meter(cable requirement RVV1.0)
· Dimensions:53mm × 100mm × 18mm

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