Product model: IC104
Product name: TCP/IP - four door entrance guard controller
Working temperature: - 40 ~ 60 ° C
Communications: TCP/IP
Product size: 201 * 125 * 32 mm thick

With software, control 4 doors, connect 4 readers(enter)+4 exit buttons, can set who/when/how can access, suit for in/out personnel management of all kind of site and checking employees' attendance status & doing statistical management of corporation, government departments.

· In/out management: Can check in/out time of everyone, suit for in/out personnel management of all kind of site.
· Time & Attendance: Suit for checking employees' attendance status & doing statistical management of corporation, government departments.
· Access control setting: Can set who/when/how can access.
· Opening door by cell phone: Open door by cell phone through WIFI.
· Anti-passback of 1 door: Must swipe card to enter in and only swipe the same card to exit; To prevent people.
· Following enter & exit; Suit for facility with high security requirements.
· Opening door by multi-card: Swipe multiple cards, door will be opened.
· Opening door by first card: Must swipe the first card, the others can enter by swiping their card.Suit for confidential department.


· User capacity: 20,000 pcs

· Event log: 100,000pcs (can be saved on controller permanently) 
· Way of opening door: card; card + PIN; multi-cards; first card etc. 
· Communication standard: TCP/IP
· Language of Software kit: Chinese & English
· Support database: Access and SQL
· Requirement of power supply: DC 12V/3A
· Idle current: ≤120mA
· Input format of card data from reader: Wiegand 26, 34 bit
· Input format of pressing keypad of reader: 4bit or 8bit (ACII)
· Delay time of opening door: 1-600s optional
· The maximum number of controller connecting in LAN: no limit
· Operating temperature: -40-60℃
· Operating humidity: 10-95%(non - condensing )
· The max distance between reader and controller: 100meter (cable requirement: RVV0.3)
· The max distance between controller and controller: depending on network coverage.
· Dimensions:  201mm×125mm×32mm

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