Product model: sPress
Product name: Metal fingerprint standalone access control/reader
Working temperature: - 20 ~ 50 ° C
Communications: NO
Product size: 120mm×72mm×25mm

Sebury new Fingerprint Access Control/Reader takes design inspiration from the supercar. Specially designed for the high-end market. Can be used as controller and reader to suit for different kinds of needs of the customer.

· Metal shell, Simple & fashion design, using biometric fingerprint recognition to open the door, secure and reliable.
· Adopt the dark background fingerprint imaging technique, with stronger adaptability.
· Fingerprints capacity:1000, suitable for office, villa, household etc.
· Multi-usage, all kinds of functions integrated to one, controller & reader, operation is very simple.
· Touch the luminous button unlock the function of fingerprint; manually or automatically enter a dormant state.
· Infrared remote control and administrator's fingerprint to add or delete users.
· Wiring is very simple, can be done by user without professional knowledge, it can connect to all kinds of electric lock.
· Effective fingerprint can be transformed into machine number and ID number, and output virtual card number.
· It can be used with all kinds of controller. 
·It can be used with all kinds of electric lock, no need to change external the wiring.
·Anti tamper alarm function.


· Input voltage:DC12~24V
· Idle current:≤10mA
· Active Current:≤80mA
· Resolution:450 DPI
· Fingerprint press time: <1S
· Fingerprint identification time:<1S
· FAR:<0.0000256%
· FRR:<0.0198%
· Output format:Wiegand26
· Dimensions: 120mm×72mm×25mm
· Operating Temperature:-20~50° C

· Operating Humidity:20~95%(non-condensing)

     Name Qty      Remark
     Access controller   1        
     Infrared remote control   1  
     User manualr   1  
     Special screwdriver   1        Special tool of security screw
     Rubber Bung   4        Used for fixing installation    
     Self-tapping Screw   4  

     Φ 4mmx25mm

     Used for fixing installation

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