Product model: sKey R-w
Product name: Multi-function reader
Working temperature: - 40 ~ 60 ° C
Card reader type: EM、HID、IC、CPU
Product size: 125 * 83 * 21.7 mm

Sebury brand new reader, keypad panel, elegant, classic and unique design, especially suit for the high-end market, also suit for different kinds of need of the customers.

·  sKey R-w reader is a new generation PIN and proximity card reader, allows entry via PIN and/or by presenting a proximity EM, HID,IC or CPU card..

·  Aluminum alloy structure, waterproof, fully potted, confirms to IP65. Keypad panel.

·  Built-in 125KHz (EM&HID card) reader part: sKey R-w H&EM

              13.56MHz(IC&CPU card, ISO14443A) reader part: sKey R-w M.

·  Anti tamper, anti-vandal,

·  Antistatic 15KV

·  Digital backlit key. The back light can be set to Normal ON, Normal OFF or Automatic mode.

·  Door bell function.


·  sKey R-w H&EM: support HID & EM card

·  sKey R-w M: support IC & CPU card

·  Input voltage: DC 12V±10%

·  Idle current: ≤35mA

·  Reading range: 3-6cm (HID&EM card) 

                           2-6cm (IC &CPU card)

·  Frequency: 125KHz(EM,HID) or 13.56MHz(IC,CPU)

·  Wiegand output format: Wiegand 26-37 bit

·  Keypad output format: visual card No; 4 bits or 8 bits of single key pressing

·  Dimension :125×83×21.7mm

·  Operating temperature range: -40~60° C (sKey R-w H&EM) 

                                                -20~60° C (sKey R-w M)

·  Operating humidity: 0-95%(non-condensing).

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