Product model: BPS-02
Product name: Power convertor
Working temperature: -10~55° C
Product size: 73 * 40 * 23 mm

1、Function Introduction
(1)Power input:AC&DC 16~28V;
          Power output: DC 12V/500mA
(2)When the input power lower than AC 16V, please insert 
         the short circuit plug “J3” into “L”. It is just for converting 
         AC to DC, the voltage is the same.


(1)Put the power convertor box on the wall and mark the 

          hole positions.
(2)Drill the holes, and put the rubber bungs in.
(3)Fix the screws on the wall.


· Input voltage: AC & DC 16-28V
· Output voltage: DC 12V
· Output current: 500mA
· Operating temperature: -10° C~55° C (-14~131° F)
· Operating humidity: 0-90%
· Dimension: 73mm × 40mm × 23mm

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