Product model: F007EM-II
Product name: Metal fingerprint standalone access control/reader
Working temperature: - 20 ~ 60 ° C
Card reader type: EM
Product size: 115 * 70 * 33 mm

This fingerprint is anti-vandal design, it adopt the new dark background technology, making it easy to read the fingerprint even though under the direct sunlight. It support Fingerprint and EM card, and it can be also used as slave reader with wiegand 26. 

· Metal structure, anti-vandal, simple & safe design
· Supports fingerprint & EM Card
· Using the dark background imaging technique, make the Fingerprints are always easy to be recognized in the variant light
· Conditions except the direct solar radiation Can add/delete the users’ fingerprints by manager fingerprint/cards very quickly.
· Infrared remote control for programmingAnti-magnetic ,prevent opening door by magnetic illegally
· Built-in PIR(passive infrared)to wake up the device from sleep mode.
· With Wiegand 26 input & output
· Supports: inter-connected; inter-locked, anti-tamper, door magnetic alarm,safe mode set
· Compliant with CE certificate


· Operating Voltage:DC12V±10%
· Card type:125Khz EM card
· Card users:2000
· Fingerprint Users:1000
· Manger cards:2pcs
· Fingerprint input time:<1s
· Identification Time:<1s
· FAR:<0.0001%
· FRR:<0.1%
· Sleeping Current:≤20mA
· Idle Current:≤80mA
· Reading Range:2-6cm
· Reading Time:≤0.1S
· Door open time:0-99s
· Operating Temperature:-20~60℃
· Operating Humidity:20-95%(non-condensing)
· Anti-static:15KV
· Dimension:115×70×33mm

     Descriptions   Qty        Remark
     Fingerprint Device-F007EM-II   1
     User Manual  1
     Infrared Remote Control Keypad 1
     Manager Card 2      Manager Add Card & Manager Delete Card
     Security Screws 1      Φ 3mmx7.5mm
     Screw Driver 1
     Self Tapping Screws 4      Φ 4mmx25mm
     Pastern Stopper 4      Φ 6mmx25mm
     Diode 1      IN4004

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