Username:Ganesh Time:2018-09-28 11:08:18
In my office we are using sebury door access machine..may i know how to reset the machine and configure new ?
The administrator reply: No reply
Username:maxhit Time:2018-11-29 08:02:16
Hello Im using K2 stand alone access control system Im trying to use my magnet detector only as Door forced Open but works as Door Open Too Long (DOTL) . Please help me how to switch between DOTL and Force Open
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Username:Vanf.ross Time:2019-05-19 01:31:51
Can you advise what a flashing red light indicates on a W3-A
The administrator reply: No reply
Username:ppasia Time:2019-07-17 03:57:02
Hi , may I know how to change password for sebury BC 300
The administrator reply: No reply

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